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Enjoy the ultimate tandem paragliding experience in Fethiye, Ölüdeniz with Escape Adventures. Fly with highly experienced professional pilots and see the most gorgeous views of Ölüdeniz.

“Tandem Paragliding is the best and safest way to experience the thrill of fliying for the first time.”

With its postcard-worthy backdrop of golden sands, forested mountains, and miles of azure ocean, it’s no surprise that Fethiye is among the most-visited destinations on Turkey’s Turquoise Coast. The town itself is equally attractive, with leafy seafront promenades, lively bazaars, ancient ruins, and outstanding nature.

Babadağ & Ölüdeniz

Babadag (Father Mountain) towering above Oludeniz on the Southwest coast of Turkey is a geological marvel that just happens to make for incredible thermals and ideal conditions for paragliding flights. Oludeniz is on the best paragliding spot in Europe, if not the world, to fly pargliders cross-country in both solo and tandem flights.

This rare opportunity to take off from Babadag, featuring the breathtaking view over Oludeniz lagoon, a spectacle in itself, coupled with the opportunity to fly tandem for up to 40 minutes, virtually unseen of in any other location in the whole world, all adds up to ensuring the experience of a lifetime, and one not to be missed for sure…

We are flying five times a day, every day from April to November.

Safety and premium quality service are top priorities!

Escape Adventures takes safety very, very seriously. We have the best safety record on the country and we still do our best to keep it that way! All of our pilots have more than 5.000 hours of commercial experience with tandem paragliding flights internationally. Anyone aged 5 and more can fly safely with Escape Adventures.


We will walk you through the entire process upfront, including a safety briefing and detailed instructions so you can have a safe & enjoyable flight. Once we are airborne all you need to do is relax, enjoy the gorgeous views and have and for the camera! We also provide pictures and videos of your unforgettable flight.

! Please consider

Depending on the weather conditions, 5 tours are planned per day but if the weather conditions are not suitable for a happy flight, your flight may take place the next day. For this reason we strongly recommend that you do not plan your flight for the last day of your holiday.


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