Tandem Paragliding

The Start

The take-off, contrary to popular belief, does not involve a leap-off a steep cliff. 'Just run, don't jump!' the briefing your pilot gives you about the the take-off goes through your mind as you put your flying suit and helmet on. Now you are ready to be strapped in to the seat harness seat. Ahead of you another tandem takes-off and surprisingly you start to relax as you see how easily and effortlesly it climbs away from the shallow take-off slope. Your pilot in his harness behind you and you hear the word to start running. At first you feel a pull backwards but as the glider gains its flying position above your head it gets easier to run. Leaning into it, you take a few strides and your feet start to leave the ground. Before you 

know it you are flying!!!! 

The Flight


We often fly high above the summit in wide lazy thermals reaching up to 4000m AGL with an awe inspiring vista that stretches from Patara over to the south-east to Greek island Rhodes and Marmaris to the west. We  fly around the summit of Babadag where we are dwarfed by the large cliffs and explore the surrounding hills and valleys. 


A long glide to cross over high above Oludeniz gives a breathtaking view of the lagoon-one of the most photographed beaches in the world- and the abandoned village of Kaya. The smooth straight glide towards the beach lasts approximately between 30 minutes and 1 hour  varying throughout the day and according to the weather.


Whatever the conditions are on the day, we are sure you will have a flight that you will never forget.


As you descend, the air starts to get warmer and soon you feel the humidity of the sea air. Losing the height above Lykia World, you lean forward in your harness ready for landing in front of the Marina Restaurant nearby the glistening white beach inside of Lykia World.


The first thing you notice is the heat after the coolness of your flight. Have a sip of your beer by the beach while your photos and videos are being prepared.  


Fly Above The Turkish Paradise


Escape gives you plenty of opportunities to make your holiday an unforgettable one. You will all receive complimentary certificates as a memory of your flight.

You can also have a chance to take home and show to your friends and family, digital photos of your flight from different angles.To get an idea please check our photo gallery. Of course, you can bring your own camera to take pictures of the amazing scenery.


The point is we take photos of you flying, you can take the photos of what you see!!!

It is also possible to get videos footage of your flight in DVD format. Just ask for your own personal recording