Fun & Sports



Oludeniz Bay and Escape Watersports make a great combination for waterski; beautiful scenery together with excellent personnel, boats and equipment make us the obvious choice for you. We cater for everybody ranging from the absolute beginner to the advanced skier. So, whether you are wanting to try waterskiing for the first time, want to advance on your existing skills or just simply fancy a ski around the bay our staff are ready and able to help you. 


Both wakeboarding and kneeboarding are relatively up and coming "cool sports" continuing to gain in popularity. We provide you with all the equipment and lessons which  you may need.



If you are a  thrillseeker whist on holiday or need something to stop the kids from becoming bored we have the answer in our inflatable, towable toys known better as bananas and ringos. Escape WaterSports has the widest choice of these kind of watersports in the area. We have a wide range of towable toys for 2-3-4 even 5 people on the same ride. It is not just the kids that love them! We update our toys regularly to give you the latest proper fun. 





Parasailing is a popular sport in which the rider, hitched to a parachute-like canopy, known as a Parasail, is set aloft in the air. The Parasail is attached to a long towrope, which is pulled along, by a speeding form of transportation. When the speed exceeds the stalling speed, the parasail rises, hoisting the pilot up into the air. We operate parasailing flights from our Powerboat, so you dont have to run on the beach, you land back to boat again. You and your relatives can go by powerboat at the same time, you can parasail one by one or even tandem.




Fly Board


Learning to operate the Flyboard is much easier than you migh think.Many people ask us how hardis it to fly.When given proper instruction and the student can follow those instructions,almost anyone will start flying the Flyboard during  their first 5 minutes in the water.After only 20 minutesin the water you could easily have basic control of your movements over the water .Some people will have a natural ability and a faster learning curve,but almost anyone will have a lot of fun during their first ride and it only gets better after each ride.Most people have found that they are twice as good on their second ride.





Kids in Action


Three times a week Escape watersports offers your children to have a fabulous time at the beach with lots of fun, make new friends and get new experience. Kids in Action is a popular activity program  at Liberty Hotels Lykia. The program takes around 2-3 hourse depends on total  amount of kids taking part. Your child will join ringo and banana ride with his new friends. We also will let them ride a Jetski with our professional instructor, fly and enjoy the views over the Lykia with parasailing while touring by powerboat.