About Escape

We're unique; we don't want to look like everybody else. We're not regular; we don't use the beaten path to discover new destinations. We're pushing the limits; since we know that the improvement is only possible by aiming at further point; we are not satisfied with the given and we challenge it. So, are we nuts? We know the difference between courage and idiocy. We are specialists who bring talent, knowledge, experience and technique together.


Escape Adventures has been operating professional Paragliding Flights since 1996, we have started Flying Boat flights in 2002, our Watersports department was established in 2005, our base is in Lykia World Holiday Resort in Oludeniz. But even if you dont stay in Lykia World, we have pick up services from all around Fethiye. You can feel the taste of Tandem Paragliding or Tandem Flying Boat Flight with Team-Escape or you can learn and improve yourself  in Escape School. If you wanna fly in different places across Turkey, come and join our special XC trips. From our paragliding shop, you can get all you need, either brand new or 2nd hand products at reasonable prices. You can also enjoy our Watersports facilities such as PowerBoat, SpeedBoat, Catamaran, Jet Ski and WakeBoard...
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What Does Escape Offer to the Paraglider Pilots and Schools?

• Experienced Guidance
• Ground Handling and Support
• Transportation
• Helicopter Rescue
• Rescue boat & Life Vests for safety training
• Special landing beach for Paragliders
• Special Accomodation Price in Lykia World
• Unforgettable Paragliding XC tours


What Does Escape Offer to the non-Paraglider Guests ?

• Tandem Paragliding Flight from Mt. Babadag 1970 meters
• Tandem Flying Boat Flight over the beautiful Blue Lagoon
• Paragliding School  with Experienced Instuctors
• USHGA licence to the Student Pilots
• Amazing Paragliding and Flying Boat Photos & DVD's
• Wide range of Watersports activities


What Does Escape Offer to the Companies?

• Extra-ordinary types of Advertising Opportunities
• Opening Advertisement Flags by using Paramotor and Flying Boat
• Organizing Show Programs for opening ceremonies, festivals, parties.


To improve yourself and live in freedom and peace:

You must love and respect any form of life and care for mother nature. So you can always smile and make the others smile. And you must also challenge the life in a level of safety. So you discover there are no limits. But no matter what you do out there, you must explore your soul and free your mind to find the inner peace


Escape does not only stand for maximum safety. Quality and performance is our sport, goal and achievement. Escape also stands for that feeling which is based on the freedom of flying. Escape is for everybody who loves mother nature and knows how to live and care for her. Escape is for real pilots and those who intend to become one.