About Babadağ / Ölüdeniz

Mt. Babadag (1970m) offers the best and safest paragliding site in Europe, if not the world. 


Babadag (literally Father Mountain) rises out of the Fethiye plain forming gorges, headlands, small coves and beaches stretching 60 km south to the "33km long the Patara Beach". The World Heritage Foundation has classified the mountain among the most important in the world, in urgent need of protection, due to the importance of its endemic species



The one-hour journey up to the top of Babadag is an adventure itself. Our trucks are specially converted 4 wheel drive Dodge pick-ups with the sort of engines that Top Gear fans drool about. Air-conditioning is accomplished the natural but effective way. The road to the top of Babadag was built out 20 years ago to service a fire watch station at the summit. After leaving the tarmac road from Oludeniz, the rough truck winds its way through a forest of tall Scots Pine, Cedar and Prickly Oak. These forests provide a home to goats, rabbits, buzzards, squirrels an occasional chamois and even the odd wild boar (wisely shy as it is hunted for its gourmet meat)! Half way up, the track passes by a picturesque, secluded plateau that is inhabited and farmed during the warmer months. The track now steepens and climbs quickly towards the ridge. There are surprising views opened up at every corner towards Fethiye and over the Patara Valley. The rocky slopes of Akdag (with its 3000mt summit, first step of the Taurus Range) dominate the skyline 30km to the west.


All of a sudden we reach the ridge and the first of our possible take-off points. If the winds are from the sea we will stop here and get ready for the flight. If the winds are from the north we continue up to one of several alternative take-offs further along the ridge.




Oludeniz - the Mecca of paragliding- is famous for its excellent flying and good weather, as well as all the benefits of a beautiful beach backed by family-run hotels and  holiday villages, restaurants, shops, historical sites and the wonderful hospitality of the Turkish people!. Since it's a friendly small town it takes a few days to get to know most of the locals.


Oludeniz - situated in the heart of 3000 years old Lycian Nappe and many natural wonders- has become a very important venue for tourists from all over the world, thus being protected from wide-scale development, since the opening of an international airport (1984) at Dalaman, 55 km away. The whole area has been designated as a national park due to the outstanding beauty and  endemic species.

Oludeniz has become a very important paragliding venue for pilots from all over the world. It is now famous for its excellent flying and good weather, as well as all the benefits of a beautiful beach, great hotels, restaurants, shops and the wonderful hospitality of the Turkish people! Since it's a  friendly small town it takes a few days to meet most of the locals. Many pilots have also taken the opportunity to complete a safety training course using the unique height over the picturesque turquoise Mediterranean Sea. The course teaches pilots to recover from deliberately induced deflations, stalls and spins over the relative safety of the water. In addition to experienced pilots visiting Oludeniz, many holidaymakers throughout the summer have had their first experience of paragliding whilst flying tandem with Escape.


What Does Oludeniz Offer?
• Prime paragliding
• 2000 ASL/AGL take ofss, thermals reaching up to 4000m ASL/AGL
• Alternative take offs to almost any direction
• Excellent weather conditions
• Laid back atmosphere
• Breathtaking scenery & Natural wonders
• 3000 years of history
• A lot to do for non flyers and in case of adverse weather conditions
• Turkish hospitality


Other Spectacular Flying Sites Around Oludeniz
• Kas; 1100m ASL/AGL, 1.5 hours drive from Oludeniz
• Mount Cal ;1900 m ASL ,1 hour drive from Oludeniz
• Kekova ;800 m ASL , 45 minutes drive from Oludeniz
• Honaz; 2110m ASL, official site of the World Air Games, 4 hours drive from Oludeniz
• Sinekcibeli; 1900m ASL, 45km ridge, excellent for XC, 3 hours drive from Oludeniz